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Front & Rear Lift Springs for Toyota Prius 2023-2026

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Toyota Prius 2023-2026 Front & Rear Lift Springs
Front & Rear Lift Springs for Toyota Prius 2023-2026
Toyota Prius 2023-2026 Front & Rear Lift Springs
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Toyota Prius 2023-2026 Front & Rear Lift Springs
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Lift-up suspension "Multiroad" for Prius 60 series CHUHATSU

With the increased vehicle height, you won't have to worry about the usual ruts!

The ``Multiroad'' lift-up suspension exclusively for the Prius 60 series, CHUHATSU, is a popular custom part that increases vehicle height to improve performance on rough roads and comfort.

Do you ever find yourself rubbing the belly of your vehicle when driving on snowy or rough roads? ?
It's okay if it's soft snow, but if it's stone or concrete, your vehicle may be damaged.

The Prius 60 series is designed to have a lower minimum ground clearance than general car models, so the possibility of this is even higher.

This lift-up suspension is recommended when driving on such rough roads!
`` If it's low, make it higher! 
This is a high-performance spring using a unique patented technology that is also used by automobile manufacturers.

By increasing the vehicle height, a proper arm angle is secured, and
the increased roll rigidity improves straight-line performance, handling stability, and ride comfort.

This allows for comfortable driving while avoiding contact between the body and the road, which can be a concern on rough roads or ruts.
A must-have item for all seasons, used by owners in snowy regions and the Hokkaido taxi industry!

Compatible vehicle: Prius 60 series PHEV only
Compatible year: January 2023 - Current
Compatible model: MXWH61

Set contents: 1 car (with front bump rubber)
Manufacturer: Chuo Spring Co., Ltd.
Vehicle height increase: 20 - 25mm (front/rear)



The ride height is increased for smoother driving. In addition, by ensuring a large damper stroke and increasing the roll center, ride comfort and cornering stability are also improved.

By using a special bump rubber, we set the optimal stroke and roll amounts to maximize damper performance.

Since the material is lightweight and highly rigid vanadium steel, "sagging" due to aging is minimized.

Corrosion is prevented by using a two-coat coating that is resistant to salt damage.

It was developed with the aim of improving the performance of the Prius, which has a lower minimum ground clearance than general vehicle models, on rough roads.



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